Sessions and talks

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TU-A1 : Games & Bilevel Programming

  • Viacheslav Kalashnikov, José Guadalupe Flores-Muñiz and Nataliya Kalashnykova,
    Consistent Conjectures Coincide With Optimal Strategies in the Upper Level Game
  • Anton Svensson and Didier Aussel,
    Constraint qualifications for parametrized optimization problems and applications to multi-leader-follower games
  • Johanna Burtscheidt and Alexander Frank,
    Analysis of a Game of Dice: Bilevel Optimization Problem under Uncertainty Joining a Markov Decision Process
  • Victor Bucarey, Eugenio Della Vecchia, Alain Jean-Marie and Fernando Ordoñez,
    About Strong Stackelberg Equilibrium in Stochastic Games

WE-A1 : Networks

  • David Rey, Aleksa Zlojutro and Lauren Gardner,
    A Resource Allocation Model for Pandemic Planning and Control
  • William Hart, Bryan Arguello, John Siirola and Jean-Paul Watson,
    Formulating Bilevel Power Grid Security Applications with Pyomo
  • Kübra Tanınmış, Necati Aras and İ. Kuban Altınel,
    Influence Maximization with Deactivation in Social Networks
  • Martine Labbé, Justo Puerto and Miguel A. Pozo,
    The Bilevel Minimum Spanning Tree

WE-A2 : Energy Market Models I

  • José-Fernando Camacho-Vallejo,
    A brief discussion regarding the bi-level semi-feasible solutions
  • Gemayqzel Bouza Allende,
    Generic properties of single-leader-multi-follower games
  • Didier Aussel, Elisabetta Allevi and Rossana Riccardi,
    On a Multi-leader-follower model for electricity market with elestic demand
  • Stephan Dempe, Boris S. Mordukhovich and Alain B. Zemkoho,
    Two-Level Value Function Approach to Nonsmooth Optimistic Bilevel Programs

WE-B1 : Location Analysis

  • Juan Carlos Gárcia Vélez, José-Fernando Camacho-Vallejo, Juan A Díaz and Diego Ruiz-Hernández,
    The negative (r,p)-centroid problem considering loyalty of the customers
  • Teodora Dan and Patrice Marcotte,
    A bilevel formulation of a choice-based location model involving competition and queueing
  • Ivan Davydov, Yury Kochetov and Petr Gusev,
    Local search approach for the (r|p)-centroid problem under l1 metric
  • Sebastián Dávila, Martine Labbé, Frédéric Semet, Vladimir Marianov and Fernando Ordoñez,
    Bilevel programming models for multi-product location problems

WE-B2 : Multi-Objective Optimization

  • Stefano Costanzo, Desirée Rigonat and Lorenzo Castelli,
    MOGASI: nested bi-level application to NPP
  • Andrey Melnikov and Vladimir Beresnev,
    ε-Constraint method for bi-objective competitive facility location problem with uncertain demand scenario
  • Kahina Ghazli, Nicolas Gillis and Mustapha Moulai,
    On optimizing over the efficient set
  • Maria João Alves and Carlos Henggeler Antunes,
    Dealing with the leader’s decision risk in semivectorial bilevel programming problems

WE-C1 : Mixed Integer Bilevel Programs

  • Ted Ralphs, Suresh Bolusani and Sahar Tahernejad,
    Valid Inequalities for Mixed Integer Bilevel Linear Optimization Problems
  • Thomas Kleinert and Martin Schmidt,
    A Global Solution Approach for Mixed-Integer Quadratic Bilevel Problems
  • Jean Bernard Eytard, Marianne Akian, Mustapha Bouhtou, Stephane Gaubert and Gleb Koshevoy,
    Tropical geometry and discrete convexity applied to bilevel programming
  • Suresh Bolusani, Ted Ralphs and Sahar Tahernejad,
    A Generalized Benders' Algorithm for Mixed Integer Bilevel Linear Optimization

TH-A1 : Energy Market Models II

  • Sauleh Siddiqui,
    A Complementarity-Based Method for Solving Problems with Equilibrium Constraints with an Application to Energy Markets
  • Giorgia Oggioni, Elisabetta Allevi, Luigi Boffino and Maria Elena De Giuli,
    Modeling the waste-to-energy supply chain in a circular economy: a bilevel approach
  • Rossana Riccardi, Carlos Ruiz Mora and Arega Getaneh,
    Contract Design in Electricity Markets in Presence of Stochasticity and Risk Aversion: A Two Stages Approach
  • Alejandro Jofre and Benjamin Heyman,
    Mechanism Design and Allocation Algorithms for Network Markets with Piece-wise Linear Costs and Externalities

TH-B1 : Demand Response Models

  • Juan A. Gomez-Herrera, Miguel F. Anjos and Luce Brotcorne,
    Demand-Response-Oriented Electricity Price Setting for Residential Buildings
  • Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Maria João Alves,
    Bi-level programming approaches to optimize dynamic electricity tariffs considering demand response

FR-A1 : Transportation I

  • Christine Tawfik and Sabine Limbourg,
    Heuristic Algorithms for a Bilevel Service Network Design and Pricing Model
  • Ikram Bouras, Rosa Figueiredo, Michael Poss and Fen Zhoo,
    Exact Algorithms for Fixed Charge Network Design Problem with User-Optimal Flows
  • Pirmin Fontaine, Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Michel Gendreau and Stefan Minner,
    Fair Risk Distribution for the Multi-mode Hazmat Transport Network Design Problem
  • Alberto Giudici, Tao Lu, Clemens Thielen and Rob Zuidwijk,
    Towards synchromodal planning: a joint capacity booking and adaptive routing problem

FR-A2 : Energy Market Models III

  • Martin Schmidt and Thomas Kleinert,
    Combining Network Design and Graph Partitioning in a Multilevel Framework for Electricity Markets
  • Franklin Djeumou Fomeni, Miguel F. Anjos and Steven A. Gabriel,
    Applications of Logic Constrained Equilibria to Traffic Networks and to Power Systems with Storage
  • Léonard von Niederhäusern, Didier Aussel, Luce Brotcorne and Sébastien Lepaul,
    A tri-level energy market model
  • Bernard Fortz, Luce Brotcorne, Fabio D'Andreagiovanni and Jérôme De Boeck,
    Unit Commitment under Market Equilibrium Constraints

FR-B1 : Algorithms for Bilevel Programs

  • Margarida Carvalho, Andrea Lodi and Patrice Marcotte,
    A polynomial algorithm for continuous bilevel knapsack problems
  • Alain Zemkoho,
    Newton method for bilevel optimization: Theory and extensive numerical experiments
  • Andrei Orlov,
    Finding Optimistic Solutions in Quadratic Bilevel Optimization Problems
  • Stefano Coniglio, Nicola Gatti and Alberto Marchesi,
    Computing Leader-Follower Equilibria with Multiple Followers Under the Assumption of Pessimism: the Mixed-Pure Case

FR-B2 : Pricing Problems

  • Lilian Lopez-Vera, José-Fernando Camacho-Vallejo and Luce Brotcorne,
    An exact algorithm to solve a cloud services bi-level problem
  • Fränk Plein, Sourour Elloumi and Martine Labbé,
    Single-minded bundle pricing problem: Exact methods based on mathematical programming
  • Concepcion Dominguez Sanchez, Alfredo Marin, Martine Labbé, Carmen Galé and Herminia Calvete,
    The Rank Pricing Problem
  • Thibault Barbier, Miguel Anjos, Fabien Cirinei and Gilles Savard,
    Two levels approach to solve the choice network revenue management problem

FR-C1 : Finance

  • Stefano Nasini, Francisco Lopez Ramos and Francisco Benita,
    Decentralized Investment through Bi-level Optimization
  • Marina Leal, Diego Ponce and Justo Puerto,
    A novel Bilevel Portfolio Selection Problem
  • Héctor-Saib Maravillo-Gómez, José-Fernando Camacho-Vallejo and Martin Labbé,
    A bilevel programming model for a problem of market regulation: application to the petrochemical industry

FR-C2 : Transportation II

  • Viacheslav Kalashnikov, José Guadalupe Flores-Muñiz and Nataliya Kalashnykova,
    Heuristics to Solve Toll Optimization Problems with Quadratic Costs
  • Neda Etebarialamdari, Gilles Savard and Miguel F. Anjos,
    Railway Demand Forecasting: A Machine Learning Approach
  • Stefano Nasini, Francisco López-Ramos and Armando Guarnaschelli,
    Designing a road network with toll setting and hazmat transportation



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