A selection of pictures taken during the workshop can be downloaded from https://iwobip2.sciencesconf.org/data/iwobip_pictures.zip
Thanks to Fränk Plein for the pictures (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International, the license file is in the dowloadable directory).
After the first International Workshop on Bilevel Programming (IWOBIP’16) held in Monterrey Mexico in 2016, IWOBIP’18 will take place at INRIA Lille-Nord Europe, France (https://www.inria.fr/centre/lille), from Monday 18 to Friday 22, June 2018.
The main motivation for hosting IWOBIP’18 is to bring together a group of academics, practitioners, and students working on the topic. It is also meant to attract young researchers and graduated students (master and Ph.D. students) who are specializing in Bilevel Programming.
Bilevel Programming is a fairly recent branch of optimization that deals with programs whose constraints embed an auxiliary optimization problem. Bilevel programs are pervasive and are commonly found in a number of real-world problems. This includes problems in the domains of transportation, energy, economics, decision science, environmental economics, etc. 
In addition to contributed presentations, IWOBIP’18 will consist of plenary lectures and mini-courses, both given by world-renowned researchers. It is important to mention that there will not be parallel sessions. Only one daily main session will be scheduled because of the degree of specialization of the workshop. Among the topics of interest of the IWOBIP’18 are: theory, exact methods, heuristic algorithms and interesting applications modeled as bilevel programming problems.
The city of Lille, located in the north of France, is easily reachable by plane (Lesquin Airport) or by train from the airports of Brussels (about 1 hour) or Paris (50 minutes from Charles De Gaulle Airport).
Lille offers a wide variety of tourist, recreational and cultural activities, which undoubtedly will make the stay more attractive during the workshop.
The local organizers of the conference will schedule a social activity in order to favour the integration and interaction of the participants to the event.
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